Researchers who are interested in using Nightingale Study data for research purposes can apply for access to part of the data, which will always be fully anonymous. Depending on the research question and funding, and given Medical Ethical Approval, it may also be possible to ask participants to collaborate in additional data collection, either through a questionnaire or via biological samples, in a subgroup of participants. Any use of Nightingale Study data will be considered a subproject of the Nightingale Study. For each subproject, a research proposal has to be written, which will be discussed among the Nightingale Study steering committee (research group). For each approved subproject, a Data Transfer Agreement form  will be signed. All results based on data originating from the Nightingale Study need to be made public, preferably in peer-reviewed scientific journals.
If you want to collaborate in the Nightingale Study or if you have additional questions, please contact us at

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